Hoa Phat - Funiki awarded Vinfast cars to winning customer

21/02/2023 15:00

Hoa Phat Refrigeration Company has officially handed over Vinfast VF8 car to customer who won the Special Prize in the promotion program "Welcoming summer - Hoa Phat gives luxury car".

 Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuan, Deputy Director of Hoa Phat Refrigeration Company and Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Nam, Director of the Southern Branch of the Company awarded the special prize to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Giang.

 The lucky person who won the Special Prize and received the Vinfast VF8 car is Mr. Nguyen Xuan Giang, currently living in Di An, Binh Duong province. Mr. Giang is a loyal customer of Hoa Phat - Funiki branded refrigeration products. Giang rents out his house and installs Funiki air conditioners in all 7 of his rooms for rent because it is both affordable and very durable in the mid-range segment.

In the summer of 2022, when renovating his house, Mr. Giang continued to trust and chose to purchase 2 sets of HSIC 09TMU - Funiki's most advanced high-end air conditioner line, with health care features and energy saving. “I needed it, so I bought it and I didn't think about winning a car or a motorbike. Who would have guessed that I had won a whole car?" – Mr. Giang could not hide his joy.

 Mr. Nguyen Xuan Giang with his Special Prize award - a Vinfast VF8 car

In light of the winning news from August 2022, Mr. Giang and Hoa Phat - Funiki waited for the Vinfast VF8 to launch on the 

Vietnamese market to see when the car would be available for purchase. The occasion of the award ceremony just happened at the beginning of the year, so Mr. Giang believes that this is good luck for the whole year: "It is truly a "golden fortune" at the beginning of the year for me and my family. This prize is so valuable. After sitting in the car, I still can't believe it happened," Mr. Giang said.

As a director of the Phu Hung Thinh Electronics Center, Binh Duong also expressed his joy at seeing customers win prizes: "Seeing customers win prizes is both exciting and gratifying." I'm glad to contribute a part to their happiness.


“Such exemplary value promotions of Hoa Phat – Funiki both show gratitude to customers and help dealer and store partners strengthen their trust even more.”

In the period March 21, 2022 through July 31, 2022, Hoa Phat - Funiki organized the program "Welcoming summer - Hoa Phat offers luxury cars". During more than 4 months of implementing the program, Hoa Phat- Funiki has received enthusiastic participation and support from consumers. Valuable prizes in the program were handed out to customers including: 1 Vinfast VF8 car, 14 Honda SH Mode motorbikes, 300 Hoa Phat freezers and thousands of helmets with a total value of up to nearly 7 billion dong.

Let's look forward to the next exciting program of Hoa Phat Refrigeration in the summer of 2023!


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