The manager at the age of sixty always has the spirit of improvement

27/08/2019 13:00


At the age of sixty, many people just want to take care of their plants or take care of them, this week's character of HPG News is not only working hard, but also constantly creating, improving, saving hundreds of millions. copper for Hoa Phat Steel Pipe Company.

The intense enthusiasm and the spirit of willingness to research, learn and innovate that we feel in him, is even harder to find in many young people. Let's see the portrait of "old" mechanic but young spirit.



Full name: Đinh Văn Chủ

Date of birth: February 28, 1958

Position: Manager of Electro-mechanical workshop - Hoa Phat Hung Yen Steel Pipe Factory

Years of work in Hoa Phat: 21 years

Hobbies: Combat sports

The spirit of youthful, fiery and not afraid of challenges seems to be evident right from the hobby of Mr. Dinh Van Chu, that is the combat sports and especially boxing.

At the beginning of 2017, only one German zinc pump was in operation at Hoa Phat Hung Yen steel mill. This has many potential risks, because if there is a problem such as blocked pipes, broken pumps ... when being restored and maintained at the galvanizing and strip plating lines, there is no other spare zinc pump to replace immediately, the damage caused will not be small.

At that time, uncle. Chu looked at what he had in his hand. Nearly every available material: CT10 steel, C45 steel, CT3 steel, pipes, pump suspension frames, couplings, pump motors, etc., cutting from old and broken factory equipment such as plating tanks, pumps ...

A thought flashed: so instead of buying a new pump, why not try to take advantage of the available things to build your own pump? Thinking about doing it, Uncle Chu decided to present and persuade the leadership about his idea. After careful consideration, the board of directors approved and created conditions for him to carry out his work.

Creating a pump with a function equivalent to a German pump at a market price of VND 600 million is certainly not a simple task. But after nearly 4 months and mobilizing a total of 26 employees, by August 15, 2017, his work was also completed, the test pump showed good and stable operation.


"Portrait" of liquid zinc pump. If you look so simple like this, but it is VND 600 million!

During the implementation process, there were a number of difficulties, of which the most complicated was the long-axis turning, while the existing machines did not implement this technique.

Ask him, so how to fix it? He answered lightly: "Improvements over improvements only." The whole team embarked on the hard work of creating devices that met this requirement, fortunately that did not take too much time.

Despite inventing a device that benefits the company to hundreds of millions with just 20 million of the cost, Mr. Chu remains modest: “Actually, improving is a daily task already. This success is not surprising at all, but normal, but he is very happy because his achievement has been recognized, and also the management awarded "to" again. ".

The most happiness of uncle Chu is that the initiative is recognized, put into use in practice, the initiative has been and will live with the development of the factory forever.

Being one of the officers accompanying Hoa Phat from the first days of establishment, Mr. Chu is very happy to witness the miraculous growth of the Group, followed by working environment, policy, the spiritual life of officials and employees has been improved. He believes that this is a great place for engineers / staff to be trained and constantly try their best.

At the age of sixty, uncle Chu still has no intention of taking care. My new "sight" is ten old broken furnaces, if bought new then about 300 million VND / unit. There is a feeling, in the head of the foreman who has promoted to this position, always bustling ideas everyday, for hours.

Vuong Hang


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