Saving billions thanks to a series of technical improvements

24/08/2019 16:00

In 2016, Hoa Phat Hung Yen steel pipe factory continued to promote the movement of 5S application and innovations to improve techniques and technologies into production in order to reduce production costs and increase product quality. Preliminary statistics show that the factory has saved many billion dong thanks to these innovative initiatives.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Co - Factory Manager and also Chairman of Evaluation Committee of grassroots technical initiatives said that last year, Hoa Phat Hung Yen Steel Pipe Factory had upgraded the implementation of 5S regulations in production, at the same time promoting the technical improvement movement. It is this simple and poetic factory director who proactively turns the previous 5S dry languages ​​(Arrangement - screening, care, readiness, cleanliness) into short phrases , easy to understand each part to apply since November 2016.


The new and innovative 5S slogan of the Board of Directors of Hoa Phat Steel Pipe Plant

Mr. Nguyen Duc Co reminded employees of the factory: “We are members of the leading unit. Maybe things are not the best, but not to do something bad, or to keep the factory dirty. ”

Therefore, 5S activities and improvements in the past year recorded many important results. Typically, there was an initiative of Mr. Dinh Van Chu, an electromechanical workshop on increasing the rigidity of two axes to guide the car into the bending machine 11, which helps to improve the productivity and output of the bending machine because there is no need to stop the repairing machine thanks to engraving. overcoming the phenomenon of cylinder head fracture; initiative of Mr. Truong Van Dinh Nguyen (Quality Control Department) on material improvement, reversing the release of strip 3 plating line to reduce raw material consumption, help the roll edge be flat, not protruding, minimize warping, fraying caused by via cutting as well as arising during transportation.

In addition, there are many other innovations that have been applied such as: Improved sliding heads and rising blades to release the number 8 cutting machine, making use of the old main mold as a secondary mold for bending machine, manufacturing compressor seal set. gas, buoy recover oil scum from the surface of cutting oil tanks, change the number of tubes / each bundle of finished pipes, ... contribute to reducing dust, limiting oil scum causing dirty surface of factories and products, increasing productivity, reduce strapping, release products quickly, reduce loading time for customers.

With a scale of 12 hectares, Hoa Phat Hung Yen Steel Pipe Plant has a capacity of over 400,000 tons / year with dozens of cutting, removing and rusting lines and 7 strip plating lines. In 2017, Hoa Phat Steel Pipe Plant will continue to promote 5S activities and innovate in order to well implement the business and production plans of Hoa Phat Steel Pipe Company.

Nghi Tran


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