Creative to be different with Hoa Phat wooden cabinets

23/09/2019 10:00

The establishment of Hoa Phat wooden cabinet lines has brought a new breath into the Vietnamese furniture market. With a unique combination of steel and wood materials and outstanding advantages, the product is expected to create a fever along with consumer satisfaction.

anh khong gian

Bedroom space becomes harmonious with Hoa Phat wooden cabinets

Modern design with many features and utilities

Hoa Phat Furniture has launched two product lines of wooden cupboards: TU18B2C3 and TU18B3C4, with different sizes and designs to suit diverse needs.

TU18B2C3 iron cabinet with wooden wings is made of steel powder coated with hardened paint, wooden wings make a unique difference of the product on the market, inside the product consists of 2 large compartments with 3 wings, and 2 drawers. Both compartments have a coat hangers and a portable drive, the right compartment is designed with a separated lock and has a storage compartment below to use the locker lock to store papers and important items. The product has overall dimensions: Width 1350 x Depth 520 x Height 1950 (mm). With compact size, the product is suitable for apartments, apartments with modest space, to save maximum area. For consumers who need to hang clothes, the TU18B2C3 wooden cabinet is more suitable.


Products suitable for apartments with modest area


TU18B2C3 products are suitable for apartments with small area, but still ensure maximum use demand

Inheriting the design and features of the TU18B2C3, TU18B3C4 cabinets are expanded with 3 large compartments with 4 open wings and 2 drawers, the overall size of the product: Width 1800 x Depth 520 x Height 1950 (mm). All 3 compartments include coat hangers and movable batches, 2 drawers in the middle compartment using ball bearings to help open and close drawers smoothly. The lower storage compartment is integrated with a security code lock, ensuring maximum safety for important items. Experiencing many modern production processes and technologies, the product ensures certainty and durability over time. TU18B3C4 iron cabinet with wooden wings is more suitable for apartments, apartments with large space and the need to hang many clothes of users.

TU18B3C4 (2)

 Overall picture of the product TU18B3C4 when viewed from the outside


With large apartments, TU18B3C4 product is always the first choice

The creativity of Hoa Phat people

With relentless creativity, Hoa Phat people have created new wooden cabinet products, which not only bring unique features to the products but also take the hearts and confidence of the consumers when using iron cabinet products in particular and furniture of Hoa Phat in general. The easy combination with other wooden furniture products and bringing harmony to the space are the outstanding advantages of the products on the market today.

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