Hoa Phat Group achieved the National Brand Award 6 consecutive times

03/11/2022 07:00

On November 2, The National Brand Council with the Ministry of Industry and Trade held a ceremony to honor 172 enterprises with 325 products that have been recognized as Vietnam National Brand in 2022. Hoa Phat Group had 6 consecutive times been awarded this title.



Hoa Phat Group was honored at the product announcement ceremony of the National Brand in 2022.

Attending the ceremony was the presence of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, heads of Ministries and Central Government agencies, provincial leaders, and representatives of enterprises whose products are recognized as Vietnam’s National Brand.

With the theme "Creating the future", Vietnam National Brand is a long-term trade promotion program of the Government to build and develop the national brand through product brands. The program is the basis for enterprises to comprehensively evaluate their activities, production and business results, and branding strategies through a system of criteria including quality, innovation, and pioneering capacity; contribution to the State budget, well implements of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in association with environmental protection.

Speaking at the ceremony, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh congratulated 172 enterprises and products that have received this honor. Building a strong national brand requires great efforts from the whole system, especially enterprises because this is also the property of the country. Underlining the significance of building national brands, the Prime Minister stressed that this requires a great effort from the entire political system, and especially the business community.

The Prime Minister stressed that along with the development and affirmation of the prestige of Vietnamese products and businesses, the National Brand Program has contributed to promoting the National Brand to a greater position, bringing Vietnam to the top of the list of countries with strong firms.

After more than 9 months of launch and selection, Hoa Phat was voted into the National Brand Program in 2022 with 4 product groups including construction steel, steel pipe, color-coated steel sheet, galvanized steel, and household appliances. Previously, Hoa Phat was honored in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2020.

These are the products that fully meet the criteria of the Vietnam National Brand Program and are typical products representing the Vietnamese Brand. Hoa Phat Group's products always strictly comply with national and international standards in the production process, creating products of high quality and value, and sustainable for society.

Hoa Phat is holding the No.1 market share in Vietnam for construction steel, and steel pipes and also the Top 5 market share for galvanized steel. Moreover, Hoa Phat is the national leading supplier of Australian beef and also holds the No.1 market share in Northern Vietnam for chicken eggs. In the first nine months of 2022, Hoa Phat recorded 116,559 billion VND in revenue and 10,443 billion VND in after-tax profit.

For many consecutive years, Hoa Phat has been selected as National Brand, the Top Strongest Brand in Vietnam; Vietnam Gold Star, the Top 50 most effective business companies in Vietnam; the Top 30 largest corporate income taxpayers in Vietnam, the Top 20 business brands valued at over $100 million by Forbes Vietnam magazine, Top 10 famous Vietnamese brands...

According to the Organizing Committee, 172 enterprises that won the National Brand in 2022 have impressive business results with a total revenue of about 1.5 million billion VND in 2021, paying nearly 129,000 billion VND to the state budget, creating jobs, income for nearly 600,000 employees, having well implemented social security policies and corporate social responsibility.


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