Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel JSC has successfully produced steel grade for bead wire manufacturing

28/11/2022 11:41

The Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel’s technical engineers have successfully built the procedure for producing wire rods for making beadwire with steel grades SWRH82A and SWRH72A. Significantly, the Company received orders for over 3000 tons/ per month right after releasing the new product.



Hoa Phat Dung Quat has successfully produced steel grade for  bead wire manufacturing

 Mr. Nguyen Bao Trung, Deputy Head of the Technology Department at Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel JSC stressed: “Surveying the domestic market shows that the demand for steel wire rods for producing bead wire is rapidly increasing. However, this material steel is expensively imported, and hasn’t been any manufacturer producing this product line.

Capturing the need of the market, a project implementation team composed of the Technology Department and members of the Steel Making Mill, Steel Rolling Mill, was entrusted by the Board of Directors to operate 

the project: “Smelting and casting high-quality steel billets of grades SWRH82A, SWRH72A process, rolling and controlling the quality of coil steel for the production of Beadwire”. The project contributes  to supporting domestic automobile tire manufacturers in reducing their dependence on external markets, providing the market with high-quality and stable steel wire rod products.

Since SWRH82A and SWRH72A grades for bead wire is a high-carbon steel product, the procedure of producing and developing is extremely complicated. In case of failing the testing process, the test product will become scrap which causes damage to the company for not being able to utilize the wasting materials. With that being said, there is great pressure on the project implementation team to achieve the goal instantaneously, therefore, the research and improvement need to be detailed and certain.

The steel thread for tire bead has a very small diameter of 0.2÷0.78mm. Therefore, any defect from the steel wire rod can lead to destruction of the final product during processing.

Therefore, the cleanliness of steel is crucial. For the Company to achieve pure liquid steel, it is very critical to select raw materials carefully and prepare them for smelting, steel refining, and casting of steel in a way that virtually removes all impurities and prevents the metal from being re-oxidized in any way. The production process must be strictly controlled.



Hoa Phat’s wire rod could be used for producing bead wire with the same quality as similar product of the countries that have a developed steel industry

Although this is the first time Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel produces high carbon steel grades SWRH82A, and SWRH72A, the technology team has well-controlled the chemical and alloy components. The method of treating liquid iron before it is incorporated into the converter, the selection of appropriate alloy materials, the slow cooling of the samples with gas before cooling them with water, the refining method with the appropriate slag system, the changes made to the tanks show high efficiency, as well as a variety of other casting-rolling treatments, all of which provide satisfactory quality control of the product.

As a results,  the Hoa Phat Dung Quat’s high carbon wire rod has the same quality to similar products that produced in countries with developed steel manufacturing industry .

On the other hand, the product is at a competitive price,  meeting industrial production requirements and being recognized by customers from the first test batch. Currently, , the Company monthly receives orders of over 3,000 tons/month from partners.

The successful production of high-quality wire rod products for bead wire has confirmed the superiority of Hoa Phat Steel's technological chain system. Technically, the company's team is well-versed in how to produce high-quality products that are difficult to manufacture. There are only a few leading companies in the world that can produce this item.

Previously, Mr. Nguyen Bao Trung's team also proposed to improve the construction process and efficiently produce steel wire rods for PC Strand prestressed steel cable - grade SWRH82B in 2021. This is the foundation for the development of high-carbon steel grades used in prestressed steel mills. There are also other initiatives that have been successfully researched and put into practice, bringing substantial benefits such as: Improving intermediate tanks to increase production; Increasing the rate of using cold scrap; Successfully completing the production process of low-carbon HRC coiled steel sheet de-aluminum, weather resistant steel SPA-H, steel for screws...

High-quality steel wire rods with the above special grades have extended Hoa Phat Steel's diversified product chain, contributing to replacing imported goods, and meeting the needs of domestic and foreign markets.

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