Export contracts signed for Hoa Phat Steel Sheet in April, expanding new markets

29/03/2023 15:00

Recently, Hoa Phat Steel Sheet Company Ltd received orders to provide products to new markets. Its current key export markets include countries and territories in Europe, Asia and America.


Hoa Phat Steel Sheet Company Ltd’s products meet with strict requirements from foreign partners and highly valued for their quality

Its exported products are mainly galvanized and cold-coated steel sheets. The shipments will be delivered in April. Hoa Phat's export corrugated iron products are manufactured according to JIS, ASTM, EN, IS, MS, SNI, TIS standards, meeting the strict requirements of foreign partners and is highly appreciated for its quality.

Hoa Phat Steel Sheet Factory is invested synchronously and modernly from rust removal, cold rolling, galvanizing, cold plating, color painting to other auxiliary equipment. The entire equipment line is imported from G7 countries. With diverse and high-quality product lines such as: Color coated cold steel sheet, Premium steel sheet, Galvanized steel sheet, Panel steel sheet, Anti-finger coated white cold sheet etc, Hoa Phat Steel Sheet Company has affirmed its position in the market, satisfying the needs of domestic customers and promote exports.

In addition, Hoa Phat Steel Sheet Company Ltd is the first and only corrugated iron manufacturing enterprise in Vietnam that is self-sufficient in raw materials of hot rolled coil (HRC) from Hoa Phat Dung Quat Integrated Complex. This great advantage helps Hoa Phat Steel Sheet Compay control quality from input to output, ensuring stable product quality at competitive prices.

In addition, with 100 per cent Made-in-Vietnam product origin, Hoa Phat Steel Sheet Company easily increases export volume to major markets, especially countries with strict requirements on origin.

Exploiting export markets helps Hoa Phat diversify its consumption markets, contributing to increasing foreign currency revenue for Vietnam in general and for Hoa Phat Group in particular.

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