"Breaking" into Hoa Phat Ha Nam Appliances production center

11/02/2023 14:00

Nearly 30 distributors had the opportunity to visit Hoa Phat's first Home Appliance production center in Ha Nam and witness the process of operating a modern technological line on February 11th, 2023.

die-n-ma-y-11Nearly 30 distributors visited the Hoa Phat’s Home Appliance Production Center in Ha Nam
A program was hosted by Hoa Phat Ha Nam Appliances Joint Stock Company, which welcomed Board of Directors, representatives of departments, divisions, and 28 major distributors in Northern Vietnam.
dm1Mr. Vu Thanh Nam, Director of Hoa Phat Ha Nam Appliances Company shared Hoa Phat's development strategy in the field of appliances with distributors from the Thua Thien Hue area to the North.

During the visit, Mr. Vu Thanh Nam, Director of Hoa Phat Ha Nam Appliances Company shared: "In the past year, we have introduced to the market products such as air coolers, water purifiers, induction cookers, and infrared cookers. In 2023, we will diversify product categories to increase the brand's competitiveness in the market, including: Hot and cold water dispenser, washing machine, air fryers, electric cookers, hoods and then export products to the international market."

“In the business strategy of Hoa Phat, distributors like you here play a very significant role. Even though there are still many challenges ahead of us, I feel confident when I have the trust and companionship of our distributors. We always appreciate and look forward to continuing these long-term relationships," said Mr. Nam.

Mr. Le Van Toan, director of the factory commented: "With a carefully invested production line system, Hoa Phat is committed to always doing its utmost to bring real value and benefit to customers, as well as develop so that partners can firmly believe in us to achieve more success in the future."

The distributors visited the assembly plant, the plastic factory, the mechanical factory, and the finished product warehouse in the production area. Specifically, the assembly plant has an existing production line system. In the form of pallets, the capacity is 300,000 products/year. Functional core production area The most modern water purifier in Vietnam fully automatically feeds billets, pours materials, and welds the lid. Each stage is checked and evaluated by a mechanical system to control output quality. There has been an investment of billions dong in the production management software system to manage the production process, inputs, outputs, and output products as planned.

dm2Distributors visit areas of assembly plants, plastic factories, mechanical factories, finished product warehouses, etc.

A modern imported line allows the plastic factory to produce plastic components of different product sizes with machines ranging from 80 tons to 1200 tons. Production materials are primary plastic beads imported from LG Chem Korea.

In addition, the powder coating line system of the mechanical factory is also invested in the most advanced equipment with a capacity of 2,000 products/day. A variety of high-quality production materials are provided by reputable suppliers all over the world.

dm3The delegation visited the core production area of water purifiers in a closed, fully automatic environment

Following the invitation of Hoa Phat Appliance Company, managers of Toan Thang distributor in Quang Binh province attended the meeting a day earlier. According to Mr. Thang, he and his wife were extremely enthusiastic and looking forward to this trip.

dm4Mr Thang, distributor of Toan Thang in Quang Binh, takes a photo at the finished product warehouse.

“Arriving at the airport, we boarded the car to go directly to Ha Nam, at the hotel that the company had thoughtfully prepared. Visiting the factory, although it has not been completed, I highly appreciate the scale and equipment of Hoa Phat", Mr. Thang shared.

"Despite frequent visits to other factories, Hoa Phat's electrical machinery line is very impressive, according to Dong Ly, a close partner of the Company. Production, assembly, and warehouse of advanced, modern and quality finished products. Through this visit, our distributors are recommending Hoa Phat's products more and more."

dm5Dong Ly distributor (leftmost) is a close partner of Hoa Phat Ha Nam Home Appliances and some other distributors in Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Hue

According to the distributor, as a result of new product lines introduced to the market such as water purifiers and induction cookers, Dong Ly distributor has imported nearly 20 orders for distribution. These orders include air purifiers, induction cookers, etc.

Distributor Duy Anh Hoa also shared that the factory is massive and impressive. The products are of high quality and at a reasonable price. Recent shipments are very popular with customers, especially air coolers and induction cookers.

dm6Ms. Hoa, representative of distributor Duy Anh took photos at the factory

Hoa Phat Home Appliances Manufacturing Center has an investment of more than 1,000 billion VND, located in Hoa Mac Industrial Park, Ha Nam. From September 2022, the factory will be fully operational. This is one of the three production centers for refrigeration and electrical appliances of the Group across the country.

In 2022, Hoa Phat Appliances in Ha Nam will launch the first household products bearing the imprint of Hoa Phat, specifically: air coolers, water purifiers, induction cookers, infrared cookers. It is expected that in 2023, the Company will launch many other products such as dehumidifiers, dishwashers, air fryers, etc.

Home Appliances' staff have been working tirelessly to provide consumers with quality products. From finding the needs of customers, to the ideas of the manager, to the product design process, everything is done meticulously and professionally.

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