Hoa Phat sold over 7.2 million tons of steel in 2022

06/01/2023 15:00

Hoa Phat Group's sales of steel products reached 558,000 in December 2022, up 26% from November. Specifically, construction steel accounted for 358,000 tons, an increase of slightly over the same period. HRC reached 144,000 tons, the rest was billet.



Last year, the market had many fluctuations, affecting the production activities of the Group. In the whole year of 2022, Hoa Phat supplied the market with 7.2 million tons of steel, a decrease of 7% compared to 2021, including billet, construction steel, and HRC.

The main contributors to sales volume are construction steel and HRC. Construction steel recorded 4.2 million tons, rise 10% over the same period and contributing 59% in total steel production of all kinds. In which, exports contributed nearly 1.2 million tons.

Hoa Phat's export market has expanded across 5 continents. Exploitation of these export markets helps Hoa Phat diversify its consumption markets. As a result, Hoa Phat contributes to foreign currency collection and helps Vietnam maintain a healthy trade balance. HRC products reached more than 2.6 million tons, a slight increase over the same period.



In 2022, Hoa Phat will produce many high-quality grades of steel, research and develop high-quality steel lines, especially difficult technical steel lines such as bead wire, screws, and coiled rebar. …. This proves that Hoa Phat's technical team mastered the modern technology chain, producing more and more high-quality product lines to meet the diverse needs of the market. 



Downstream steel products such as steel pipes and galvanized steel sheets of the Group achieved remarkable results in the context of the general market facing many disadvantages.

Accumulated for the whole year, Hoa Phat Steel Pipe's output reached nearly 750,000 tons, an increase of about 11% compared to 2021. Hoa Phat's steel sheet products reached 328,000 tons, a decrease of 23% in volume compared to the same period last year. The domestic market increased by about 21% compared to 2021.

In terms of market share, Hoa Phat Group continues to affirm the No. 1 position in Vietnam in terms of construction steel and steel pipes. Hoa Phat galvanized steel sheets is firmly in the Top 5 enterprises with the largest market share.

With a capacity of 8.5 million tons/year, Hoa Phat is the largest steel producer in Vietnam, equivalent to the Top 50 largest steel enterprises in the world.

From 2022, The Group develops the Hoa Phat Dung Quat 2 Integrated Steel Complex project with a capacity of 5.6 million tons of HRC/year, bringing the total annual HRC capacity to 8.6 million tons and production capacity. The Group's crude steel is expected to be more than 14 million tons from 2025, reaching the Top 30 largest steel enterprises in the world.



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