Hoa Phat Group’s high quality steel output surged

06/05/2023 11:00

Hoa Phat Group has promoted research and development of high quality steel products, especially those serve for technical purposes such as steel wire rod for bead wire, screws, fabricated steel, elevator cable etc. In the first quarter of 2023, Hoa Phat Group supplied 36,500 tons of high-quality steel to the market, nearly doubled compared to the previous quarter.

The output of Hoa Phat’s high quality steel products was sharply increased

Surveys showed that the market segment of high-quality wire rod for the processing and manufacturing industry has not still been exploited as there is no domestic production company in the field. Meanwhile, the demand for this product has been on the rise. Hoa Phat Group has increased in-depth investment to promote the production of high-quality steel to serve domestic and export market demands.

Accordingly, the two complexes at Dung Quat and Hai Duong have supplied a series of different high quality grades including: round coil steel ɸ 10, ɸ 8 30MnSi, ɸ 11 SWRH82B, ɸ 12.5 and ɸ 8 SWRH82B, 5.5 SWRH72A, 5.5 SWRH82A; SWRY11, ER70S-6 etc.

These steel grades are manufactured according to the following standards: GB/T24587-2009, JIS G 3506 -2017, JIS G 3503-2006, AWSAS5.18/A5.18M-2005, GB24587-2009, ensuring strict quality requirements in the process of smelting, refining and casting steel. The entire production process is strictly controlled by Hoa Phat's technicans.

Hoa Phat's high quality steel is the raw material for the production: PC Bar prestressed steel bar, PC Strand prestressed steel cable (used as prestressed concrete reinforcement, road and bridge cables); making bead wire for car tires; crane cables, elevator cables, springs, raw materials for the production of welding rod cores, welding wires, screws etc. In addition, the group also produces other special types such as steel for containers, contributing to diversify Hoa Phat's ecosystem of high-quality steel products.

Earlier, at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2023, Chairman of the Board of Management Tran Dinh Long said that Hoa Phat would strengthen research and development of high-quality steel products, serving the mechanical and manufacturing industries. This is an important orientation for its member companies to optimize their technology lines, bring into full play their production experience, and meet domestic and foreign market demands.

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