Hoa Phat Dung Quat 2 endeavors to meet its schedule promptly

07/06/2024 17:00

Hundreds of contractors are actively involved in the construction of the Hoa Phat Dung Quat 2 Complex. They are synchronously deploying resources for construction and equipment installation. Chairman Tran Dinh Long and General Director Nguyen Viet Thang regularly monitor the project's progress on a weekly basis, ensuring timely completion. The first HRC hot-rolled steel coil line at Hoa Phat Dung Quat 2 is expected to be finished by the end of 2024.


Chairman Tran Dinh Long, along with the Company's Board of Directors, the QSP Factory Board of Directors, and the Head of the Hoa Phat Dung Quat 2 Project Board, gathered at the countdown table of the HRC 2 Factory's installation completion, capturing moments as the clock ticked with just 99 days remaining.

The Hoa Phat Dung Quat 2 Iron and Steel Production Complex spans across 280 hectares with a total investment capital ofVND85 trillion. It boasts a design capacity of 5.6 million tons of high-quality hot-rolled coil (HRC) steel per year. Phase 1 of the project is slated to commence operations at the beginning of the first quarter of 2025, while Phase 2 is projected to be completed and operational by the fourth quarter of the same year.

anh-206-ngayChairman Tran Dinh Long and Mr. Bui Van Tiep, the Director of QSP Steel Rolling Mill, were captured at the countdown table as they marked the upcoming milestone of the first HRC roll of the Dung Quat 2 Project, with 206 days remaining.

The blast furnace volume of the Dung Quat 2 project stands at 2500m³, doubling the furnace volume of Dung Quat 1. This significant increase contributes to a reduction in energy consumption. Moreover, Hoa Phat's investment surpasses current environmental standards, ensuring compliance with future requirements, particularly in the reduction of CO2 emissions and energy consumption.


The Chairman inspected the construction inside the blast furnace

Having inspection at Hoa Phat Dung Quat 2 construction site on the morning of June 7, 2024, Chairman Tran Dinh Long met with project heads of iron making, steel refining, steel rolling, pellet sintering and representatives of general contractors. The Chairman requested all departments to report all practical difficulties at the construction site, clearly stating the problems that have not been shown in the design/drawings so that the Board of Directors can come up with a maximum and quick solution. quick and appropriate. 


Chairman Tran Dinh Long engaged in discussions with contractor engineers concerning the steelmaking operations of the BOF 300T blast furnace complex.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Loc, the Head of the Hoa Phat Dung Quat 2 Iron and Steel Production Complex Project, stated: "The Hoa Phat Dung Quat 2 project currently employs 20,000 installers, workers, and technical staff across nearly 1,000 departments. Contractors, main contractors, and subcontractors involved in design, manufacturing, construction, equipment, and services are all simultaneously deploying resources in a synchronized manner. The construction site of Hoa Phat Dung Quat hosts the presence of world-renowned names in steelmaking and construction, both from Vietnam and abroad. Thanks to the experience gained from implementing Dung Quat 1, construction and equipment installation are progressing on schedule and even ahead of schedule. The Hoa Phat Dung Quat 2 Project Management Board is determined and exerting great efforts to fulfill the group's tasks, as assigned by the Chairman.”


Inspect the progress of items on the construction site

With a modern HRC hot-rolled steel coil production line designed and manufactured by Primetal Group, the Hoa Phat Dung Quat 2 project will focus on developing high-quality HRC products tailored for steel used in automobiles and other industrial applications. Additionally, the low carbon content facilitates the production of diverse products such as canned goods, household appliances, steel structures, and high-strength, weather-resistant container shells.

Scheduled for implementation from the first quarter of 2022, the project is anticipated to conclude by the first quarter of 2025. Upon completion, Hoa Phat's crude steel production capacity is poised to surpass 14.5 million tons annually, with 8.6 million tons dedicated to HRC. This expansion is set to significantly bolster Vietnam's mechanical engineering industry by ensuring self-sufficiency in raw material sources within the domestic market. Hoa Phat aims to sustain stable output of construction steel while ramping up hot rolled steel production, thereby positioning itself as the premier HRC manufacturer in Vietnam.

With a total area of ​​700 hectares, Hoa Phat Dung Quat Iron and Steel Complex has a total design capacity of 11.6 million tons of steel/year, with a total investment of over US$7 billion. In particular, Dung Quat 1 has been in synchronous operation since 2021, with a capacity of 6 million tons a year, including 3 million tons of HRC and 3 million tons of construction steel and high quality rolled steel. Dung Quat 2 is being deployed with a capacity of 5.6 million tons of high quality HRC per year. It is expected that when Dung Quat 2 is completed, it will bring Hoa Phat Group (HPG) into the top 30 largest steel enterprises in the world.

Previously, from March 26 to 28, 2024, Hoa Phat Group organized a program for investors to visit Hoa Phat Dung Quat Iron and Steel Complex and witness firsthand the progress of the Dung Quat project.

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