Hoa Phat Steel

03/12/2015 15:15

Hoa Phat’s steel production is mainly located in Hung Yen and Hai Duong with the factories of Billet and Steel rolling operated by Hoa Phat Steel One member Co. Ltd in Hung Yen and the Integrated Steel Complex run by Hoa Phat Steel JSC.

With capacity of 2 million tons per year  (by 2016), Hoa Phat steel is now holding the biggest market share of Vietnam as the whole. Hoa Phat is also the first manufacturer who succeeded in producing D55 with high grade for massive bridge and skyscraper construction.


Hoa Phat steel integrated complex

Officially operating in early 2010 with the large-scale up to 132ha, Hoa Phat Integrated Steel Complex consists of a full circles cluster including Iron ore processing factory, coking coal and thermal electricity plant, Iron cast processing factory, Billet casting factory and Steel rolling mill. 

Hoa Phat is one of the few Vietnamese manufacturers who are capable of using blast furnace technology; modern synchronized full circle production lines from ion ore to finished steel. Enclosed and synchronized process helps Hoa Phat to tightly control the output price. This is the most significant advantage to ensure the strong and stable position of Hoa Phat Group in the market.


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