Hoa Phat’s brand value increased by 52.3% compared to 2018 – Tập đoàn Hòa Phát

Hoa Phat’s brand value increased by 52.3% compared to 2018

30/07/2019 14:43

On July 29, 2019, Forbes Vietnam announced a list of the top 50 brands in business sectors in Vietnam. Hoa Phat has been honored for the fourth time in the ranking and among 20 Vietnamese business brands valued at over US$100 million. Notably, Hoa Phat’s brand value was increased by 52.3 per cent from $84.6 million in 2018 to $128.9 million. Compared to the list that Forbes first published in 2016, the brand value of Hoa Phat has doubled.

Hoa Phat is valued at US$128.9 million by Forbes, leading the building materials industry and is the only steel producer in the ranking

Hoa Phat brand holds the No 1 market share in Vietnam in the fields of construction steel, steel pipes, office furniture and has always affirmed its leading position in business sectors, …. Since November 2017, Hoa Phat has changed its brand identity, wearing a more modern and beautiful outfit, commensurate with the group’s size and stature.

In the second quarter of 2019, in the context of many difficulties, Hoa Phat still recorded positive business results when reaching VND15.3 trillion in revenue and VND2 trillion in after-tax profit. In the first 6 months of the year, HPG has reached 58 per cent of the whole year’s profit target with VND3.86 trillion.

For many consecutive years, Hoa Phat brand was chosen as the National Brand, Top Strongest Brand in Vietnam; Vietnam Golden Star, Top 50 Vietnam’s most effective companies; Top 20 enterprises paying the largest corporate income tax in Vietnam …

Hoa Phat is in the top 20 brands with value of over US$100 million

Compared to the list in 2018, this year’s ranking has changed when expanding the number from 40 brands to 50 brands, suitable for the development of businesses and the economy. In addition, while maintaining the calculation method, the list is sorted by each industry. Accordingly, after classifying by industry, the most valuable brands in each industry will be selected from top to bottom.

Forbes Vietnam makes this list according to Forbes (US) ‘s evaluation method, calculating the role of brands in the business performance. The most valuable brands achieved a large turnover in the industries where the brand plays a leading role. At the same time, these companies have strong brands, products with high coverage and awareness to consumers. The data collection of businesses is based on financial statements of companies and data on the stock market. The final brand value is determined based on the industry average P/E.

Hong Hanh