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Hoa Phat Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd introduces new Funiki electric water heater

27/11/2015 10:13

To implement the target of diversifying the products to meet the maximum demands of the customers, in the sales season 2008, Hoa Phat Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd introduced Funiki electric water heater models with the new design and colour. The new model (code HP) includes the capacity of 15L, 20L and 30L. Especially, Funiki 20L […]

Hoa Phat Furniture launches the stainless steel pipe furniture

27/11/2015 10:11

In the mid October, the stainless steel pipe table and chair of Hoa Phat were launched on the nationwide market. These are the new material products of Hoa Phat Furniture which are produced in the synchro production line in the new workshop – established in the Mid-2008: Stainless steel production workshop. For a long time, […]

Hoa Phat Equipment & Accessories produces the new crushing screening plants model with the biggest capacity

27/11/2015 10:07

Hoa Phat Equipment & Accessories has recently manufactured the new crushing screening plant – the cone crusher Model NCHP – 1750 with the capacity of 280 ÷ 480 tons per hour. This is the biggest capacity crusher in the market now a day. Model NCHP – 1750 has a lot of advantages in comparison with […]

Hoa Phat – The leading galvanized steel pipe manufacturer in Vietnam

27/11/2015 10:03

Hoa Phat Steel Pipe Co., LTD is the leading steel pipe manufacturer in Vietnam. Besides the welded steel pipe that has been highly appreciated by the market, Hoa Phat Steel Pipe is also famous for galvanized steel pipe. Hoa Phat Steel Pipe Co., Ltd was established on August 20th, 1996, with the first product is […]

A Promising year of Mikasa tamping rammer

27/11/2015 10:00

Being the sole distributor for products of Mikasa Sangyo Co., Ltd., the Japanese well – known company  specializes in producing small and medium construction equipment, HoaPhat Equipment & Accessories Co., Ltd. has unceasingly maintained and enhanced its role and advantage in the market to distribute products such as Tamping rammer, Plate compactor, Concrete vibrator, Concrete […]

Hoa Phat Furniture releases new wooden panel products

27/11/2015 09:56

This new production has been exposed with the brand name: NewTrend. It’s combined with Laminate and Melamine faced chipboard – the two traditional materials in order to meet the demand of the rapid emerging modern offices nowadays These two kinds of wood are both imported from Italia. The PVC edging from Malaysia is aimed to […]

Hoa Phat meets annual plan 4 months early

27/11/2015 09:54

Hoa Phat reached VND 330 billion profit after tax, meeting the plan for 2007 four months early. Basing on the achieved results, Hoa Phat Group  is aiming for a VND 490 billion profit after tax for the  whole year 2007, exceeding 48% of the projected figures. It is an impressive result and good news for […]