Construction equipment – Tập đoàn Hòa Phát

Founded in August, 1992, Hoa Phat Equipment & Accessories Co., Ltd, the first member of Hoa Phat Group, specializes in manufacturing and trading construction equipments and mining machines and is one of leading manufacturers of equipments in construction field:

– Scaffoldings, combination support (electrostatic sprayed, painted and galvanized).
– Steel formwork and steel frame formwork with plywood plate.
– Construction hoist.
– Mast lifting.
– Tower crane (Hoa Phat is the only manufacturer in Vietnam).
– Concrete mixing plant.
– Concrete mixer.
– Stone, ore and sand crushers.
– Cast products such as crushing liners and components for producing crusher, screen, ore exploiting machines

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Hoa Phat is now the sole distributor in Vietnam for the following products:

– “MIKASA” brand construction equipments made in Japan. Hoa Phat is sole distributor in Vietnam.
– “JINLONG” brand concrete vibrator and plate compactorMADE IN CHINA .
– “AIRMAN” and “FIAC” brand air compressor & generator made in Japan and Italy respectively
– “OMI” brand air dryer, an equipment for industrial air treatment made in Italy.
– “KOSHIN” brand water pump and generator made in Japan
-“PRAMAC” brand generator made in Italy, “TSURUMI” brand generator made in Japan.
– Film faced plywood for making formwork from China.

Products seen as the company pride is tower crane and crusher. Hoa Phat is the pioneer in transforming the products into Vietnamese products. The first time in Vietnam there are mechanical products of high technology produced locally with high rate of internalization making reputation not only in Vietnam but also in regional countries.  

Products made by Hoa Phat are all produced from modern technological production lines and severely tested in term of quality. The company was recognized by TUVNORD organization, Germany and BSI organization, Britain for its quality management system ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001: 2008 respectively.

The products have been supplying and installing in many big construction projects all over the country and exporting to such countries as Laos, Cambodia, Russia, Ukraine and Srilanka, the Philippines.
With 20 years of experience in manufacturing and trading construction equipments, the company owns a team of high skilled and experienced technicians in offering consultancy, installation, maintenance immediately meeting every demand of customers. A net work of dealers and branches scattering from the North to the South together with availability of spare parts, Hoa Phat is very proud to be aSUPPLIER with the continuous, long term and prestigious service after sale in Vietnam.