Social Responsibility – Tập đoàn Hòa Phát

During 25 years of market presence, Hoa Phat has consistently fulfilled its corporate social responsibilities which are genuine in terms of heartfelt and guided by the motto “Harmony for Joint Development”. This has been illustrated by increasingly large contributions to the State Budget every year, the social security activities and the creation of stable jobs to tens of thousands of people, and a series of social charity initiatives.

Contribution to the State Budget

During 2017, the Hoa Phat Group paid VND5,000 billion to the State Budget in the form of taxes and fees, an increase of 40% compared with 2016. Out of this, Hai Duong province is where Hoa Phat paid the biggest amount, i.e. over VND2,000 billion. This amount is the second biggest budget payment to this province, i.e. among Top 10. And with over VND1,200 billion paid, Hoa Phat continued to be the biggest budget payer to Hung Yen province, accounting for 12% of its total budget and 40% of total payment from non-state-owned enterprises in Hung Yen province.

Besides the above localities, Hoa Phat has paid to the budget of 23 provinces or cities nationwide, including Hai Phong (VND332 billion), Ho Chi Minh City (VND253 billion), Ha Giang (over VND200 billion), Quang Ninh (VND180 billion), Binh Duong (VND81 billion), Hanoi (63 billion), etc.

In Quang Ngai province, where the Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Integrated Complex Project is located, Hoa Phat has paid a significant amount of VND43 billion to the provincial budget though the project is still in an early stage of development. Hoa Phat is expected to pay up to VND5,000 billion per year to the budget of this province upon the project operating at its full capacity.

With the current growth rate, it  is  expected  that  when  the Hoa Phat Steel Integrated Complex Project operates  at full capacity from 2020, Hoa Phat will reach revenue of over VND100,000 billion and contribute nearly VND10,000 billion to the national budget.

Heartbeat of love

“Heartbeat of love” project  has  begun  since  the  end of 2015 with a special mission: to fund heart surgery for poor patients. Hoa Phat Group worked in collaboration with leading heart doctors in prestigious hospitals, such as Viet Duc Hospital, Hanoi University of Health Hospital, E Hospital, Bach Mai Hospital, etc….

During 2017, the Hoa Phat Group funded heart surgery to 60 children with a total subsidy of nearly VND1.5 billion.    In this regard, 60 successful surgery cases means that 60 hearts with new beats and a new life for the children and their families.

The timely financial support from the Hoa Phat Group has helped many families reduce anxiety and the high medical cost burden bringing hopes of life and joys to the children, joining them in battling against their diseases.

“Spring of love”

This is an annual initiative carried out before the threshold of every Lunar New Year festival to bring a decent and warm festival to families in difficult circumstances. In 2017, “Spring of love” reached 12 provinces or cities nationwide, offering nearly 2,000 gift portions with a total exceeding over VND2 billion including both cash and in-kind gifts to families in difficult circumstances in localities where factories or animal farms of Hoa Phat are located.

“Charitable meals – Honorable hearts”

“Charitable  meals – Honourable hearts”, also known as  “K Hospital meals”  among  the  patients  staying  at  the  Central Oncology Hospital (or K Hospital) No. 2 in Tam Hiep, is a charitable program carried out by Hoa Phat since 2010 and to be continued in the future.

During 7 years of the program, regardless of weather conditions, 150 meal portions per day have been provided     to poor patients at the hospital. This program demonstrates the hearts of Hoa Phat’s employees who wish to share part of the miseries and medical expenses of the patients who are in difficult circumstances.

During 2017, with the aim to modernise the charitable canteen, Hoa Phat completed the renovation and upgrades   to the facility. With integrated design and modern appliances, the canteen team has saved a lot of time and enhanced management of food safety and hygiene process in accordance with the relevant regulations from the Ministry of Health.

“Hoa Phat joins hands with students”

According to the minutes of agreement signed between the Hoa Phat Group and the National Economics University, Hoa Phat will grant VND5 billion during the period 2016

– 2020 for the University’s students with outstanding academic results. Each scholarship portion is VND1.1 million per student per academic month. Accordingly, the total scholarship value per academic term of a student is VND5.5 million. In 2017, 170 students were granted scholarship in two periods with a total amount of VND950 million.

To facilitate monthly scholarship granting procedures, Hoa Phat assisted students in opening bank accounts free-of- charge and transfer scholarships via such accounts. Hoa Phat scholarship can be compared to a companion of students in their roads to life, in addition to their academic knowledge.

Besides its monthly scholarships granted to students, Hoa Phat granted VND100 million in the form of awards to students who have outstanding scientific researches. Hoa Phat wishes that such assistance would encourage students to join the movement of scientific research with their own valuable studies.

In 2017, Hoa Phat granted furniture to conference rooms or halls in the National Economics University with a total value of VND2.5 billion. This is part of Hoa Phat’s project for modernisation of education facilities that Hoa Phat has carried out with an aim to improving teaching and studying quality in education institutions.

“Join hands for the community”

In 2017, many farmers in Quang Ngai province were in a state of “emergency” in which they got a bountiful harvest of water melons but suffered a sharp decline in water melon prices as a result. Traders offered extremely low prices or even refused to buy. As a result, water melons were abandoned in the fields, not harvested or served as food for cattle. Farmers were at risk of debts or bankruptcy.

With the viewpoint of “let water melon be water melon”, Hoa Phat would not grant cash as in doing so in previous charity programs. Instead, Hoa Phat dispatched their own staff to Quang Ngai province to buy 250 tonnes of water melons from the farmers and transported to Hanoi, Hai Duong, Hung Yen, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, etc. for sale. All transportation, loading, unloading, packing expenses were at no cost so that each water melon could cost only VND2,500 to consumers. Besides, Hoa Phat donated to the Hanoi Youth Union 70 tonnes of water melons for sale, from which the proceeds would be used for building charity houses.

During 2016, Hoa Phat granted VND2 billion towards phase 1 of Nguyen Van Linh Kindergarten Project (in Giai Pham commune, Yen My district, Hung Yen  province);  and continued its grant for phase 2 of this project with an amount of VND1 billion.

A special charity activity that Hoa Phat carried out in 2017 is to finance an X-ray machine for the imaging diagnosis center of the Emergency Department of Bach Mai Hospital which costs VND1.5 billion. This donation of Hoa Phat assisting in reducing the capacity pressure and improve the quality of medical services of the Emergency Department in particular and Bach Mai Hospital in general.

All of the charity activities carried out by Hoa Phat thus far have come from the unconditional voluntary spirit which demonstrates the corporate responsibilities to the society. In the future, the Hoa Phat Group will continue with this tradition.